Citrus Hack is Southern California's Premier Hackathon — a 36 hour event for innovators, organized by students at the University of California, Riverside. Established in 2015, Citrus Hack invites students across California and throughout the world to cultivate new and exciting technologies. For our third annual hackathon, we aim to bring value to the technology sector through innovation from the next generation of developers.

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Who can attend?

We currently only accept students 18 or older to participate. Changes for this will be annonced in the coming months.

What do I bring?

We require all participants to bring their student IDs. Also consider bringing some of the following: a hacking machine, cables for your hacking machine, headphones, pillow, and an extra set of clothes.

Will there be food?

Yes! We will be providing 8 free meals along with refreshments and snacks throughout the event.

How much does Citrus Hack cost?

Citrus Hack is absolutely free to attend!

Are there travel reimbursments?

We currently do not support any form of travel reimbursements; however, we are working towards adding this benefit.

Do I have to be a programmer?

Absolutely not! It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, a writer, or a chemistry major. There is a place for you here. There will be a team formation session at the beginning of the event to help form teams.

Do I need a team? How large can my team be?

We recommend working in a team. There will be a team formation event before hacking begins. Team sizes are capped at 4 members.

Any other questions?

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Interested in being a sponsor? Contact us at contact@citrushack.com

Meet the Team

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Jacob Poole

Co-Director of Citrus Hack

John Pham

Co-Director of Citrus Hack

Patrick Le

Co-Director of Sponsorship

Ajay Raj

Co-Director of Sponsorship

Mario Salazar

Co-Director of Sponsorship

Haasith Sanka

Co-Director of Sponsorship

Aaroh Mankad

Co-Director of Operations

Audrey Der

Co-Director of Operations

Nancy Gao

Co-Director of Marketing

Yosuke (JJ) Inagaki

Co-Director of Marketing

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