Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

What is Citrus Hack?

Citrus Hack is where hundreds of students from all over Southern California (and a few from out-of-state) come together and form teams, aiming to build a project of their own from scratch over the duration of 36 hours.

Citrus Hack is focused on the brilliant partnership between education and competition. While “hackers” compete for prizes, they hone their technical skills along the way.




Choose Your Alignment

This year, participants at Citrus Hack have the opportunity to choose from different tracks based on their skills and interests.


The best defense is a good offense.

Ethical projects proven to break into complex systems or withstand complex attacks will be eligible for the Sentinel track.


Make the world a little nicer to live in.

Projects that contribute to the betterment of the environment will be eligible for the Reclaimer track.


Take a stand. Make a statement.

Projects that strive to solve problems within diversity and inclusivity will be eligible for the Campaigner track.


A vital part of technology is humanity.

Projects that push for innovation within med-tech or promote a healthy lifestyle will be eligible for the Medic track.

Lend a Hand



Workshop Leader


A hackathon is a place where you and hundreds of other people learn, build, and create new technologies over the course of one weekend! Hackathons let you try learning a new skill, commit to that crazy idea you've never had time for, or make new friendships and strengthen old ones.

Any collegiate undergraduate student that has an interest in technology and learning is welcome to attend CitrusHack. You do not need any prior experience programming to attend, nor do you need to be majoring in computer science.

Note: All CitrusHack participants are expected to follow the MLH Code of Conduct.

Absolutely nothing! CitrusHack has and always will be free to attend. By attending Citrus Hack you will gain access to free food, swag, workshops, and more!

You can build (but are not limited to) a website, an app, a robot, a VR game, an awesome hardware device, and everything in between! You can also use open source libraries, frameworks, and APIs to help you make your project more complex and creative. The sky is the limit!

Teams are not required, but are recommended. Team membership is capped at 4 members. You are welcome to form teams before the hacking begins, or during the event! If you don't have a team there will be team building opportunities at the beginning of the event.
The CitrusHack team is committed to facilitating a positive learning environment for hackers of all skill levels. Every participant will have access to some awesome workshops and top-notch mentors that can help point you in the right direction if you ever get stuck.

We require all attendees bring a government issued ID. You should also bring your essentail hacking tools such as a computer, chargers for your computer and phone, and some headphones. We will have an onsite hardware lab if your project requires it, but do feel free to bring your own parts in case we run out (Note: Soldering is not allowed at CitrusHack). Also consider bringing a pillow, a blanket or sleeping bag, and a toothbrush.

Unfortunately no. CitrusHack strives to be an event where anyone participating can learn or create anything within the alotted 36 hours. You are allowed to plan your project as much as you'd like before the event. However, any team found submitting a project that was started before the alotted hacking period will be automatically disqualified from judging consideration for prize categories.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide travel accommodations or reimbursements this year. If you are coming from outside of UC Riverside, we advise you plan your means of transportation accordingly. We will have free parking permits available for all of our hackers when you do arrive.

Email us at [email protected]. We love answering questions!

Time & .Place

April 26 - 28, 2019
Winston Chung Hall
University of California, Riverside
446 Winston Chung Hall, Riverside, CA 92507


Interested in becoming a sponsor?
Contact us at [email protected] and check out our sponsorship packet.